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August 5, 2013  

Once Upon a Time in the West, they'd Hang 'Em High if anyone suggested that for A Few Dollars More you could make a movie that showed the Good, The Bad and The Ugly about the consequences of violence.


-- @misterbowen
April 14, 2013  

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid PosterGeorge Roy Hill's classic buddy flick "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid" is the subject of today's podcast.

Released in 1969 to critical and audience raves, this lil' gem catapulted Robert Redford to super-stardom.

Well deserved, too.

Paul Newman is at his affable, easy-going best as Butch Cassidy, Katherine Ross joins the cast as Etta, Sundance's lover, but Butch's love.

This is one of my favorite films. -@misterbowen

February 23, 2013  

We've had an unintentional hiatus but we're about to come roaring back!!

-- @misterbowen

December 16, 2012  

The Wild Bunch, PosterSam Peckinpah directed this 1969 Ketchup Gun extravaganza starring William Holden, Robert Ryan, Ben Johnson and Ernest Borgnine.

The thing is, there's a good story here, too.

A little hard to follow at points with flashbacks and repeated dialog loops, but it's there!

Join us, won't you, for a story of scorpions in a world of ants.


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