100 of Something Encouraging artistic exploration

October 24, 2011  

100 of Something is the podcast of Rachel (@artharpy) and Will Bowen (@misterbowen), two artists who've been together for 20 years making art and having a great time.

100 of Some(Movie)Thing is the podcast of Andrew (@the_Fro) and Will Bowen (@misterbowen), a father and son crime fighting duo.

100 of Some(Sci-Fi)Thing is the podcast of Fiona (@galaxharr) and Will Bowen (@misterbowen), who in their spare time, hunt zombies, werewolves, vampires and the occasional internet troll. The 100 of Some(Sci-Fi)Thing theme music--a sample from Last Dream in the Machine--was recorded by Jacob Nowak

Send comments or questions to any or all of the above: 100ofSomething@gmail.com

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